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Email Marketing List

One of the best ways to reach customers and to engage them in your business is to actually hold below the line customer-focused marketing programs. Below the line customer-focused marketing programs pertain to activities that are directed at a certain target market or groups of customers at very close proximity. One of the ways to carry out direct connection to customers is to contact them directly. Gone are the days when marketing activities are directed to the world with no one particular person or characteristic in mind. It used to be that marketing activities were merely presented to people and whoever wanted it can get it, and those who don’t can just walk away. Today marketing is more proactive than reactive. How are you going to be able to contact your target customers? Make use of email marketing lists to effectively and efficiently contact customers and achieve results.

What are email marketing lists? Email marketing lists or email contact lists are lists of customer’s email addresses that can be acquired from a third-party. The third-party provider has obtained this information through careful selection and process that is deemed lawful. Email addresses contained in this list have all been categorized as safe and owners of addresses have willingly given their information. Usually questionnaires have been given to the participants to decide their interest and willingness to receive offers and mails through their email address. This is to make sure that all names on the list are correctly included. Names on the list have been asked many times if they would like to receive offers online to protect their privacy. These information are sold to firms who will make use of the addresses in their own customer database. Even when this information are purchased, these firms are still prohibited from selling these information, only those companies who do a market research on this database are engaged in the distribution of these contacts.

Firms who have purchased email marketing lists can send promotional and advertorial emails to these addresses. For instance, if you are a pizza company, you can send vouchers or virtual flyers to these customers. You can also send emails about promotions or raffle gamesbusiness email databases if your company holds any.

Email marketing lists are very effective because these contacts have been assessed and selected according to surveys. If your company if concentrated on the female demographic of 25 to 35 years old with a specific bracket of income, you should get an email marketing list filled with addresses of women within the age and income bracket. This way, you are not blindingly sending annoying email messages to customers who may not appreciate what you do. Firms that handle the distribution of email marketing lists should carefully collate all contacts according to a company’s preference.

To illustrate, you are a PR company contracted to handle the launch of a new car model. Months before your event, you need to get a marketing list of a demographic of male and female between the ages of 30 to 50 years old. The email marketing list you should get should include car enthusiasts and persons with the capacity to buy a car or to get a mortgage on a car, otherwise your event would prove to be worthless if none of your guests can afford to buy a car. Events directed at a certain target market involve invitations to these concentrated groups of people. Passers-by just simply will not cut it. The possibility of a passer-by being genuinely interested in taking up your car offer could be 1 in 50 guests. Whereas, guests that have invited and have been listed in the email marketing list have more chances of showing real interest in buying the car model.

Email marketing lists come in different prices depending on firms that distribute it. There are also other marketing firms that you sign a contract with to work on your customer communication programs. Companies that solely engage in marketing activities are very effective. Other public relations and advertising firms can also deal with the email marketing lists themselves as part of the package. Marketing lists can also be called as leads. Marketing leads can either be email addresses, phone numbers or mobile numbers.

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